Memory Cove in the Lincoln National Park (Carly Kruger)


Welcome to Australia’s seafood capital: Port Lincoln, the home of the largest commercial fishing fleet in the southern hemisphere. But seafood isn’t the only highlight – Port Lincoln is also famous for an exciting experience, cage-diving with great white sharks. Throw in swimming with sea lions, spotting koalas at Mikkira Station, feeding kangaroos at Glen Forest Tourist Park and the incredible beaches and trails in the Lincoln National Park (Memory Cove is a highlight), and you’ve got a pretty special destination.

Whaler’s Way (accessed via a permit) is an explorer’s wonderland, with spectacular views of a wild coastline. For rainy days or when you need a little culture, check out the Axel Stenross Maritime Museum, Mill Cottage or the Port Lincoln Railway Museum for a history lesson. And no trip to Port Lincoln is complete without a taste of the local cuisine – enjoy locally roasted coffee, small-batch distilleries and breweries and excellent restaurants and cafes using the best of the Eyre Peninsula’s produce (including its seafood).

Wine and dine

Port Lincoln is famous for its seafood, and rightly so. Eyre Peninsula has some of the cleanest seas on the planet, and is responsible for almost 70% of the state’s seafood production! And as the region’s unofficial capital, Port Lincoln is one of the best places to sample the best of the region.

Check out one of the many excellent restaurants serving local seafood and local meats, like Del Giorno’s, Sarins Restaurant and relative newcomer Santis. You can even get freshly made croissants and delicious, Instagram-worthy plates at Port Lincoln’s very own L’Anse French Café.

Combine food and wine at Line & Label, the restaurant at Peter Teakle Wines, or stop by Boston Bay Winery for Sunday lunch. You can also enjoy a tasting at Gardner’s Vineyard and Lincoln Estate Wines at the Glen Forest Tourist Park, if you want to make a full day of it.

For those preferring beer try Beer Garden Brewing and Jump Ship Brewing, which also offer great food options to go with their local brews.

Spirits are also on the cards – look out for Eyre Peninsula Spirits, Coffin Bay Spirits and West Coast Distilling Co, who have their own cocktail bar in Port Lincoln.

And if you need a coffee to wake you up after all that, Boston Bean and Eyre Roasted have the locally roasted goods.

Shark Cage Diving, Neptune Islands (Brannon Jackson)


Dipping into Port Lincoln's waters, the sea's expanse engulfs you. Suddenly, shapes glide through the blue: great whites. Your pulse quickens as they draw near, majestic and calm. Beside you, guides share tales and conservation tips.

Surrounded by these gentle giants, your nerves give way to wonder. It's not just an adventure; it's a connection with the sea's soul. You emerge not only with tales but also with respect for these ocean sentinels. In Port Lincoln, each dive is more than a thrill; it's a moment with the wild you'll never forget.

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