Fishing on the Port Neill Jetty (Tourism Australia)



Southern Eyre is a tapestry of experiences, blending charming seaside towns to the east with the dramatic beauty of the rugged western coastline. Here, indulge in premium seafood to your heart's content. 

Imagine sipping on the freshness of oysters right from the waters of Coffin Bay, or strolling along the pristine white sands of Coffin Bay National Park. There's a splash of culture waiting for you too, with the street art of Tumby Bay offering a feast for the eyes. And when you're ready for a change of scenery, the inland beckons with its sunsets that paint the outback sky in hues of gold and amber—a perfect end to your day of exploration.


Home of the famous Coffin Bay oyster - and much more! Coffin Bay is a hugely popular holiday destination, and it’s a haven for ocean-lovers. The calm, crystal clear waters of the bay are perfect for sailing, swimming, water-skiing and skin diving while the fishermen can rock, surf, jetty or boat fish.


Kiana and Mount Dutton Bay offer tranquil camping amidst lush greenery and soothing bay sounds. Enjoy well-maintained grounds with essential amenities for your stay, ideal for families and solo adventurers alike. Connect with nature, relax under the stars, and wake to gentle waves.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle.
A popular year-round destination for fishermen and holiday-makers alike, the sandy white beaches, clear blue water and great fishing offer plenty of options for the whole family. Fishing, sailing, swimming and diving – you can do it all in Tumby Bay. Ever seen a leafy sea dragon up close? Dive down deep around the jetty and see them in the wild! It’s a magical experience that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Take a stroll around town and see the 29 murals, painted as part of the annual Colour Tumby festival. 
Discover TUMBY BAY


Take a step back in time when you visit Koppio, approximately 20km north of Port Lincoln. Here you’ll a collection of unique buildings and display sheds as part of the Koppio Smithy Museum, the perfect family activity. 


A perfect (and popular) location for a family getaway – ideal for all those water activities you love! Port Neill is something of a haven. It’s set in amongst white sands and aquamarine water, and it’s where people come to relax with a book in hand as they enjoy the serenity. With great fishing, and clear calm waters for boating, sailing, water skiing and skin diving, it’s an idyllic place for the whole family. It also offers one of the cleanest and safest swimming beaches! The historic ‘Green Shed’ is a popular spot for picnics, BBQs and lazy afternoons, while the boat ramp and breakwater make launching the boat a breeze.


Cummins has some of the most productive farming land on the Eyre Peninsula, which means that depending on the time of year you can find sweeping vistas of canola, ripe wheat fields or beautiful green barley crops surrounding the town. Visit some of the local museums, take a scenic drive, grab a meal at the local pub and see what it’s like living in this beautiful part of the world. As a key service hub for the surrounding areas there are plenty of amenities for travellers – there are several caravan and camping options as well as the local hotel, and a couple dining options as well as a great local café.

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