Campfire At Sheringa Beach (Brannon Jackson)

Discover Eyre Peninsula's Natural Wonders

Camping on the Eyre Peninsula is an extraordinary adventure, where the wonders of nature are your companions. The experience is simply magical, and we're dedicated to keeping it this way. We're working to  make it easier than ever to access some of the region's most cherished campgrounds.

Campground Etiquette

To ensure that camping on the Eyre Peninsula remains a delightful experience for all, we kindly request that you respect both our natural environment and your fellow campers. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Camp in designated areas
  • Show consideration for others
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum
  • Be mindful of natural hazards
  • Keep pets under control
  • Show respect for the local wildlife
  • Stay on marked vehicle tracks and walking trails
  • Leave only footprints
  • In shared zones, observe a maximum speed limit of 10km/hr
  • Be aware of fire restrictions by visiting

Need help?

Most refunds and change of dates can be done online. Get stuck? Don't hesitate to contact the relevant friendly local Council for support!


  • Cowell RV Park
  • Bush Campground
  • Point Gibbon Beach Camping - including Point Gibbon allocated sites, Dunes, Mills Steps and Boat Shed
  • Port Gibbon Beach Camping - including Flat Rocks, Port Gibbon Jetty, Hideaway, Serenity, The Sanctuary, The Fence and White Sands

Contact the District Council of Franklin Harbour: | 08 8629 2019


  • Coffin Bay Boat Ramp
  • Cummins Caravan & Cabin Park
  • Eucalypt Campground
  • Farm Beach Campground
  • Fishery Bay Campground
  • Frenchman's North Campground
  • Frenchman's South Campground
  • Greenly Beach Campground
  • Louth Bay Campground
  • Point Drummond Campground
  • Seal Corner Campground
  • Sheoak Campground
  • Tom Bott Campground
  • Wattle Campground

Contact the Lower Eyre Council: | 08 8676 0400


  • Egret Nest
  • Hooded Plover Nest
  • Lock Caravan Park
  • Osprey Nest
  • Sandpiper Nest
  • Tommy Ruff Shoal
  • Trevally Shoal
  • Whiting Shoal

Contact the District Council of Elliston: | 08 8687 9177


  • Lipson Cove
  • Port Neill Boat Ramp
  • Tumby Bay Boat Ramp
  • Tumby Bay RV Park

Contact the District Council of Tumby Bay: | 08 8688 2101


  • Perlubie Beach
  • Tractor Beach Campground

Contact the District Council of Streaky Bay: | 08 8626 7033


To book within a National Park, please visit the Parks SA website.

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