Stamford Hill Monument in the Lincoln National Park (City of Port Lincoln)

Unleash your wild side responsibly

On Eyre Peninsula, the land is held in deep respect. We invite you to come and discover our wild side, but always with a light and respectful touch. Here's how to enjoy your visit.

Safety by the Water Navigating Coastal Areas Thoughtfully

Stick to the signposted rules and be mindful of rips and tides.

Whether you're boating or rock fishing, let someone know your plans and ensure you've checked the weather and have the necessary safety equipment.

Maintain a safe distance from cliff edges, and remember that some areas on Eyre Peninsula may have limited or no phone service.

Facilities and Sustainable Practices Camping Essentials

Help us keep our landscapes beautiful by camping only in designated spots. Be sure to follow signs and, if possible, book your site ahead of time.

If you're planning a campfire, remember to check for fire bans and bring your own firewood for a safe and cozy experience.

Dispose of waste thoughtfully. Use the designated dump points for RV and caravan waste and take your rubbish with you to the nearest town.

Some campgrounds may require you to be fully self-contained. Please respect this rule, it's a small thing that helps a lot.

Embracing Nature's Wonders Respecting Wildlife and Native Flora

While some animals may appear tame, remember they are wild creatures. Please do not feed them, and maintain a safe distance to protect their natural behaviour.

When encountering marine animals like whales, dolphins, and seals, it's essential to maintain a legal distance. For more information on specific regulations, visit the national parks website.

When driving, stick to designated tracks to safeguard our native flora and protect the habitats of nesting birds and small animals. Please don't create your own trails.

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