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From striking rock formations and sublime rural landscapes to Eye Peninsula’s fabulous outback, home to the ancient Gawler Ranges.

The Central Eyre Peninsula is truly a land of contrasts – with an incredible landscape that journeys through rich and open farmland north to one of South Australia’s last remaining untouched wilderness areas, it’s a unique part of Australia.


Located on the Eyre Highway, you may know Kimba for its gorgeous painted silos – but this thriving farming community has more to offer than a quick stop and a photo opportunity.

As the eastern gateway to the Gawler Ranges, Kimba provides a great base to explore the national park. Discover history at the local museum, check out the walking trails and local art and enjoy the small-town hospitality of the welcoming locals.

Enjoy the country-town atmosphere as you relax, recharge, and explore the history and landscape of the local area.
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Where the Eyre Peninsula comes together. The town of Kyancutta marks the junction of the Eyre and Tod highways and derives its name from an Aboriginal term "Kutta Kutta" meaning "Little Night Hawk". Granite outcrops common to the area can be found nearby, and Polkdinney Park contains several implements that are indicative of the equipment used in the early days of settlement. A picnic table is also provided.


Experience country town life in the heart of the Eyre Peninsula. Four conservation parks surround the township of Lock, a small grain hub smack bang in the middle of the Eyre Peninsula. While it's home to a small population, you'll be welcomed with open arms.

The Hambidge, Bascombe Well, Hinks and Barwell Conservation Parks boast beautiful wildflowers, native animals and birdwatching. Comprising over 25,000ha of mallee country, Hambidge Wilderness Protection Area is home to Prominent Hill (143m high), accessible via a track from the south offering a wide view over the park. Hincks Wilderness Protection Area is approximately 66,300ha. This park has slightly different flora to Hambidge, however there are conservation areas around both parks where mallee fowls can be seen along roadsides. 

Both parks are accessible from Lock, as is Bascombe Well Conservation Park where you can discover many ruins and excellent wildflower displays between June and August.

Visit the Lock Heritage Museum

This museum is located in the original police station and commemorates all aspects of farming and life of the district. Most machinery and vehicles are in working order, and includes the original school room, station master’s office and police lockup cells and house.


Home to some of the most spectacular granite outcrops in the Eyre Peninsula. Don’t let the size fool you – the warm hospitality and stunning local landscape make Minnipa a great place to base yourself and explore the surrounds. The area is blessed by the natural environment, with fantastical granite outcrops and abundant wildlife around the town. It’s also easy to head out of town and explore the Gawler Ranges! Stay in the local motel, park your caravan and drop by the Minnipa Community Store for basic supplies (including petrol), yummy treats and most importantly, coffee!

Visit Pildappa Rock - some say it’s even better than Wave Rock in Western Australia… Pildappa’s wave-like formation makes it an incredibly unique place to explore and have a picnic with family and friends.

Tcharkulda Rock has some of the most spectacular ‘tafoni’ in the whole district – and if you’re not up with the geology lingo, that means small cave-like features in rocks like granite. It’s been conserved as a picnic space, and you can also see an excellent example of a restored shepherd’s hut within the reserve. That’s a little bit of history for you!


One of the western gateways to the Gawler Ranges - and home to dinosoaur ants! With a caravan park, public picnic area and access to the Gawler Ranges, Poochera is a great place to stop and visit.

And if you can pronounce Nothornyrmecia Macrops, you must stop by the local museum! These rare dinosaur ants were rediscovered in Poochera in 1977 - before that, they were thought to be extinct. The Poochera Museum has some very interesting displays and facts about these little critters, and you won't mistake them for a more common type of ant. Worker dinosaur ants are distinctive, with pale yellow colour, large eyes, elongated mandibles and a sting. 

The museum also houses an interesting display of relics from the pioneering days. Of particular interest is Pete’s Shack, built from flattened kerosene tins. It was relocated from the western end of town and restored by the museum. Its open on Wednesdays from 9.30am-3,00pm, or by appointment. Enquire at the Poochera Roadhouse.


An ideal spot to begin your journey into the Gawler Ranges, or north to Kingoonya and Glendambo, Wirrulla is also close to the beach! 

Journey through the Gawler Ranges with its rugged landscapes and amazing wildlife or visit Haslam for its beaches, fishing, swimming, and crabbing - neither are far away.

Situated in the Eyre Peninsula's wheat belt, Wirrulla is the primary service centre for the surrounding farms with a general store, caravan park and local pub. Be sure to take a look at the local jetty where the tide is always out, and if you are looking to head north, bear in mind the trip is 300km worth of dirt roads before you'll connect to the Stuart Highway near Glendambo.


If you’re looking for an authentic outback Australia experience, and you don’t want to be too far from the beach, Wudinna is the perfect location. It’s well-serviced in terms of amenities, the central location makes it a great place to stay a few days and take in the surrounding areas, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Explore the stunning outcrops that litter the countryside from the heart of granite country, spot native wildlife, grab some fresh food and coffee at a local spot, and discover the majestic Gawler Ranges.

It’s the perfect place for an outback adventure! And the beach is only an hour away.

There’s so much to discover, from hidden gems to the can’t-be-missed Australian Farmer statue made of local granite, and the locals will be happy to share their tips. The local Visitor Centre is located on the highway, too!
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