Next 96km sign along the Eyre Highway (Greg Snell)
Eyre Highway (Greg Snell)

Road trippin' through the Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula, sprawling over an impressive 170,000 square kilometres, is a haven for road trip enthusiasts. From our stunning coastline, to the timeless charm of our inland terrains, nothing beats embarking on a road trip here.

While some journeys, like the Nullarbor route, are well known, Eyre Peninsula also has a wealth of hidden treasures awaiting you. Take, for example, the Seafood Frontier Touring Route, guiding you along a captivating coastal stretch brimming with an abundance of fresh seafood. For art enthusiasts, the Eyre Peninsula Street Art Trail unveils a world of captivating artworks scattered throughout the region.

These road trips offer more than just a scenic drive; they provide a chance to delve into the essence of Eyre Peninsula. With each route unique, every turn of the wheel brings a fresh adventure. So, grab the keys, hit the road, and get ready to uncover the secrets and stories that make Eyre Peninsula.

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