16 Oct 2022

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with dolphins, Sunset Charter’s new tour is what you’re looking for!

This new experience will see you splash about with the locals in Coffin Bay, as you meet the beautiful resident Burrunan Dolphins.

The tour takes around five hours, with a leisurely three-hour return trip to the swim site.

You’ll get to take in the best of scenic Coffin Bay and enjoy the good food and drink while making the most of this boutique experience – only 11 passengers can book per trip.

There are two swimming options: the swim net at the front of the boat, and the ‘mermaid tow’ lines out the back.

Passengers get to experience both!

The dolphins themselves are wild, which means they aren’t fed or trained in any way.

This means the interactions you have will be natural, and it’s up to the dolphins to decide if they want to play.

Levels of interaction vary for this reason, so keep that in mind.

Did we mention the boat?

It’s actually a luxury catamaran, so you can enjoy all of this from a very comfortable and very fancy location.

You even get a hot shower onboard after your swim (and the bar opens then too).

And if you’re not keen to get your feet wet, just book your spot as a ‘Watch Only’ passenger with the same perks while watching from the boat.

If you are keen to swim, remember to check out the FAQs for the physical requirements.

Want to know more or you’re ready to book? Click the link!

Sunset Charters also have multiple other tours, if dolphins aren’t your bag. including a Taste & Explore tour and a sunset tour!

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