About the Brand

Brand Eyre Peninsula
Australia’s Seafood Frontier

Brand Eyre Peninsula is a dynamic marketing initiative designed to secure Eyre Peninsula’s position as one of the world’s premium tourism and culinary destinations.  By reinforcing the region’s competitive advantages in both the domestic and international markets, and by promoting a unified, collaborative approach, the brand aims to maximise the tourism growth potential of the Eyre Peninsula.

Regarded as a rapidly emerging tourism destination, awareness of the Eyre Peninsula continues to grow.  Brand Eyre Peninsula will bring the story of Australia’s Seafood Frontier to both the tourism industry and consumers, in Australia and overseas, via strategic and highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Products branded with the Australia’s Seafood Frontier logo will be recognised by the tourism industry and consumers as an authentic Eyre Peninsula product that has met quality standards.

A valuable opportunity

Brand Eyre Peninsula’s overriding goal is to develop and sustain a platform to promote our quality unique tourism and culinary products. 

The initiative will promote the region’s tourism and culinary products to leading consumer markets, industry and trade representatives. 

Brand Eyre Peninsula will be championed by the region’s tourism industry leaders, whose unique products have built a strong reputation over the years.  Leveraging existing relationships and markets, the region’s hallmark tourism & seafood products will provide a valuable role, enabling emerging tourism sectors such as culinary and conference tourism to enter the marketplace.  New markets for both the tourism and culinary sectors will also be aggressively pursued.

How can I get involved?

Brand Eyre Peninsula partners will have an exciting opportunity to work with the region’s leading tourism and food businesses.  These industry leaders share the same attributes – passion, , quality and a commitment to sustainability and innovation – and they continually strive to deliver products and experiences that stand out from the crowd.

As a progressive, committed business, the rewards will be many.

By partnering with Brand Eyre Peninsula, your business will have a unique opportunity to leverage off existing markets and networks established by other participating businesses, and to share costs in marketing and risk.  For emerging businesses, Brand Eyre Peninsula provides an opportunity to participate in cooperative marketing activities with some of Australia’s most reputable tourism and food businesses, and to benefit from this association.

Developing stronger partnerships in tourism networks and supply chains will enable you to more effectively understand your market requirements and will reinforce the region’s quality and unique tourism offerings.

For more information contact the Tourism Development Manager – Eyre Peninsula, Australia’s Seafood Frontier on (08) 86826588 or info@exploreeyrepeninsula.com.au 

Australia's Seafood Frontier