Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay

Stunning coastal scenery, fantastic local seafood, and all the beach activities you could ask for – that’s Streaky Bay.

It’s an ideal base to explore this rugged coastline, while also relaxing in the sheltered waters of the bay and enjoying the beach lifestyle.

Walk, swim, cycle and snorkel your way around this epic environment as you taste delicious seafood – catch your own, or buy it freshly caught at a local store – and then when you need a break, head to a local café or the hotel and let someone else do the cooking.

There’s plenty of accommodation options, from a caravan park to holiday houses and hotels to eco villas. And there’s so much to explore – Murphy’s Haystacks, Tractor Beach, the Granites, Perlubie and several coastal drives. And we’ve still left a lot of stuff out!


Also, did you know: Streaky Bay was the setting for the 1970s film Blue Fin? It’s just that charming.

Things To Do

Hit the beach. Over and over and over again.

There are so many great beaches around Streaky Bay that it’s hard to list them all – drop into the Visitor Information Centre to find which one suits you best. Perlubie, Doctors Beach, Haslam, Back Beach, Tractor Beach, The Granites, Smooth Pool and Surfers… we won’t continue, but we could.

Learn the story of Murphy’s Haystacks

They’re estimated to be over 1500 million years old, but they got their name from a traveller who mistook the granite rocks to be haystacks! This unique outcrop of pink granite boulders can be found on the road to Calca, with a donation at the gate and interpretive signage.

History tour!

Take the Streaky Bay Historic Walk around the CBD and view this picturesque town on foot, or stop by the National Trust Museum or the Powerhouse Museum.

Enjoy the local seafood

There are plenty of options to catch it yourself, in a boat or off the local jetty (Streaky Bay is known for its amazing fishing), but you can also buy it from Streaky Bay Marine Products. It’s family owned and operated, and they purchase direct from the fishermen – so you’re getting a fresh feast!

See the replica Great White Shark

No visit to Streaky Bay would be complete without a visit to the Great White Shark replica. The original was caught 22km from Streaky Bay on a fishing line in 1990, and was more than 5m long and weighed 1520kgs. That’s a real life Jaws!

Scenic Trails

Westall Way Loop

There are plenty of spectacular stops to be found on this loop – High Cliff, the Dreadnoughts, Smooth Pool, the Yanerbie sand dunes and more! Fishing, snorkelling and beach walks are all on offer.

Cape Bauer Loop

This is a 1-2 hour drive along a rugged and breathtaking part of the Great Australian Bight, with some amazing photo opportunities as well as the stunning Whistling Rocks. With a 360m boardwalk, its user friendly and affords fantastic views of the coastline and these fascinating blowholes.

Point Labatt Sea Lion Loop

Point Labatt is home to the only permanent colony of sea lions on the Australian mainland – and they’re just a short drive away! This hour round trip takes you to view these creatures frolicking on the beach, and takes visitors past some picturesque beaches and Murphy’s Haystacks.