Tumby Bay

Tumby Bay

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle.

A popular year-round destination for fishermen and holiday-makers alike, Tumby Bay is one of two locations on the Eyre Peninsula to have its silos painted. This amazing 2200 square foot mural can’t be missed!

The sandy white beaches, clear blue water and great fishing offer plenty of options for the whole family. Fishing, sailing, swimming and diving – you can do it all in Tumby Bay. Ever seen a leafy sea dragon up close? Dive down deep around the jetty and see them in the wild! It’s a magical experience that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

And there’s more to see besides… well, the sea. Head inland to farm country, where the colours range from beautiful green in winter to dazzling gold in summer, and pastel wildflowers in spring. Take a bushwalk, seek out native wildlife, enjoy the trails and lookouts and check out the local museums and galleries.

Tumby Bay is the place where you can do as you please – sit back and enjoy the serenity of a beautiful seaside town, or get active and get out on the water.

Things To Do

Dive with leafy sea dragons

And much more – the waters around the Tumby Bay jetty are filled with marine life (fancy seeing some squid, octopus, or southern rock lobster?), but the one people talk about is the leafy sea dragon. They’re only found in the waters off southern and western Australia. Contact Port Lincoln Diving Services for advice or a guide.   

Take in the spectacular silo art

World-renowned muralist Martin Ron created this work that perfectly captures summertime in a seaside town. Tumby Bay’s giant mural is really worth seeing, and there’s plenty of parking nearby.

Spy wildlife and catch some fish at the Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands

This marine conservation park is truly a wonder – they’re famous for their fishing grounds and birdlife, and are a breeding ground for a variety of seabirds, sea lions, dolphins and fish. It’s a popular fishing spot (of course) for recreational and commercial fishers, and definitely one to check out.

Check out the local art

The Colour Tumby Street Art Festival means there’s more to Tumby than just the silos – take a stroll around town and see the amazing murals painted on buildings around the town! It’s perfect for those Instagram stories. The Tumby Bay Rotunda Art Gallery is also right on the foreshore, and has a comprehensive display of local art that is constantly varied.

Learn the local history

Visit the Excell Blacksmith & Engineering Museum for an insight into the farming history of bygone days, and see the copies of the original Brattenising plough built and patented in the Tumby Bay area. Open on the 4th Sunday of every month, or by appointment – (08) 8688 2101.

Tours & Hires

Story’s Clydesdale Horse & Trolley Tours

Jump on this horse-drawn trolley tour (named Frosty) and learn about local points of interest as you see the town. Information on dates and times of tours appear on the Clydesdale sign at the Caravan Park kiosk.

Scenic Trails

Island Lookout

Breathe in spectacular panoramic views of the township, foreshore, jetties, beaches and island, and make the most of the view with a picnic! Coin operated BBQs are available.

Interpretive Mangrove Boardwalk

Exactly what it says on the box – a pleasant boardwalk through the mangroves, with an information shelter and signs throughout.

Bailla Hill Road Scenic Drive

Great coastal views, and a magnificent vista of the Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands.

Foreshore Walk

This is a pleasant, easy walk along the foreshore past the town jetty, and takes you past numerous memorials. It’s also stroller, wheelchair and gopher friendly.

Ski Beach Walking Trail & Tumby Island

Walk from the town centre along the foreshore through to Ski Beach, a beautiful white sandy stretch. There’s access to other gorgeous beaches along the way, and the end point is popular with boaters.

Festivals & Events

Colour Tumby Street Art Festival

Held for the first time this year, the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival saw some of the best street artists in the world visit the town to paint murals across the town. The art is spectacular in its own right, but the event includes live painting and hands on activities for the community.