Experience Outback Australia with all the comforts of home, and a warm welcome from the locals.

If you’re looking for an authentic outback Australia experience, and you don’t want to be too far from the beach, Wudinna is the perfect location. It’s well-serviced in terms of amenities, the central location makes it a great place to stay a few days and take in the surrounding areas, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Explore the stunning outcrops that litter the countryside from the heart of granite country, spot native wildlife, grab some fresh food and coffee at a local spot, and discover the majestic Gawler Ranges.

It’s the perfect place for an outback adventure! And the beach is only an hour away.

There’s so much to discover, from hidden gems to the can’t-be-missed Australian Farmer statue made of local granite, and the locals will be happy to share their tips. The local Visitor Centre is located on the highway, too!

Do yourself a favour and check out this little town with a lot of character – you’ll want to come back a second time.

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Things To Do

Stop by the Australian Farmer statue

It’s right on the highway, which is why you won’t miss it, and there’s plenty of space to park no matter what you drive. The Farmer is a testament to the farming spirit that built this region, carved out of local granite and with a host of information about the sculpture and how it came to be. And it’s right next to the Visitor Centre, so you can get some information about the rest of the district!

Climb Mount Wudinna and take in the view

Mount Wudinna is one of the largest granite monoliths in the southern hemisphere, and the view from the top is really worth checking out. Depending on the season, you’ll see fields of green and yellow canola flowers, or ripe wheat ready for the harvest! There are several sheltered picnic areas with parking for buses and caravans, toilets and BBQ facilities, as well as an Interpretive Trail to follow. Just 10km from Wudinna, don’t miss this one!

Enjoy the local eats

Travellers might be surprised to find a funky café like Alicia’s in a small country town, with its yummy daily specials, great coffee and Melbourne-esque decor. You’ll also find one of the best bakeries in the region at the Wudinna Bakery, with delicious pies and pasties as well as sweet treats and it is all baked fresh in-house (they got a rave review from South Australia Governor Hieu Van Le).

The local Gawler Ranges Motel & Caravan Park has an onsite restaurant with a great range of wonderful meals (and a swimming pool and spa), or check out the Wudinna Hotel for delicious pub fare and some friendly faces.

On the highway, don’t go past the Golden Wattle Roadhouse for great snacks, in-house and takeaway meals.

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Catch a yabby in Polda Dam

If you can, that is. Polda Dam is a small dam with a granite outcrop nearby, and it’s a really pleasant spot to take a picnic and explore the trails. The rock is bigger than you think!

Explore the town and stretch your legs

Over the railway line, Apex Park is a fantastic place to explore and enjoy. There’s a large playground for the kids, BBQ and picnic facilities, a jumping pillow (adults can have fun on that too!), toilets and it’s next door to the local swimming pool, which is open at certain times in the summer months. The park is often used by locals, too!

Follow the granite…

There are so many great places to explore around the township apart from Mount Wudinna – Turtle Rock, Ucontitchie Hill, Corrobinnie Hill, Pygery Rocks and Waddikee Rock are all short drives from the town centre. Discover these lesser-known gems for yourself!

Scenic Trails

Wudinna Tourist Route

Stop by the Wudinna Visitor Centre for information and follow this route, taking you on a loop around some of the best sites that are right near town – Polda Dam, Mount Wudinna, Turtle Rock and Pygery Rocks.

Tours & Hires

Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris

Eco-friendly tours for a ‘glamping’ experience, Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris is a five-star experience showcasing the best of the Eyre Peninsula. We’ve highlighted them in the ‘Gawler Ranges’ section, but we’re highlighting them again because while they also offer 3 and 4 day tours, you can take a full or half day tour out of Wudinna. So if you’re short on time, this is a fantastic option!

Robert Lang Photography   Robert Lang Photography