The Gawler Ranges

The Gawler Ranges

Red earth. Blue skies. The rugged outback. Welcome to the Gawler Ranges.

As you travel along the winding roads through the Gawler Ranges, it’s difficult to comprehend that these gentle and peaceful hills were the result of powerful volcanic activity millions of years ago.
Explore the stark white salt lakes of Lake Gairdner National Park, walk through fields of wildflowers in spring and discover the vast granite outcrops and the majesty of the Organ Pipes. You can also find Sturt Desert Peas here – South Australia’s floral emblem!

The Ranges are a photographer’s dream and an animal-lovers heaven. Spot all sorts of wildlife on a bushwalk or a guided 4WD tour, or camp at one of the many campgrounds or Pondanna Outstation and stargaze next to a campfire.

Just remember, this environment is truly pristine – and we want to keep it that way! So please take your rubbish with you, and treat the area with respect.

You’ll need a few days to truly soak in the spectacular scenery of the Gawler Ranges, but whatever you decide to do, you won’t be disappointed. The Gawler Ranges is a breathtaking destination for those looking for a truly authentic Australian experience.

Things To Do

Walk on the saltpans of Lake Gairdner

That is, if it isn’t flooded – Lake Gairdner is a spectacular place to visit, and very popular with photographers. See the stunning contrast between the red earth and rocks, the white salt lake and a gorgeous blue sky. It’s also the location of the annual Speedweek, held by Dry Lakes Racers Australia.


Explore the unique Organ Pipes

Experience the magnificent natural amphitheatre which is the Organ Pipes, a rock formation created by volcanic eruptions in the region millions of years ago. Climb to the top and drink in the view.

Visit Mt Ive Station

This family owned sheep station is a great getaway for those looking for some solitude – and spectacular scenery in an ancient landscape. There are a range of accommodation options and amenities, historic landmarks and buildings, 4x4 tracks, resident kangaroos and private access to the edge of the stunning Lake Gairdner. What more could you want?

Camp under the stars

There are plenty of campgrounds in the Gawler Ranges, and you’ll likely have them to yourself! You can also stay at Pondanna Outstation, a remote outback homestead in a beautiful setting, if you’d rather not camp. The skies in the Gawler Ranges – completely isolated from any other light – are beyond words.

Spot the wildlife

If its animals you want, you can spot kangaroos, wombats, possums, hopping mice and the shy Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby (good luck), and some 140 species of birds throughout the park. Keep your eyes peeled!

Tours & Hires

Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris

There’s something for everyone on a Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris tour. There are full or half day tour options, as well as 3 and 4 day options for those with a little more time. And did we mention the accommodation? Kangaluna Camp is a true glamping experience, and the ‘locals’ – kangaroos and emus – wander through as they please. If you’d prefer a tour experience, this is one to check out. The food is exceptional too!