Head of Bight

Head of the Bight

The largest nursery in Australia – full of baby whales!

The Bunda Cliffs form part of the longest stretch of cliffs in the world, and each year from May to October this stretch of the Nullarbor Plain coastline becomes a free-range crèche for Southern Right Whales.

How cute is that!

The Head of the Bight is one of the best places to see this annual breeding migration – up to 60 whales migrate, and leave in spring with around 40 new calves. Take a pair of binoculars, a picnic lunch and spend hours watching these amazing creatures frolic in the waves.

At the Head of the Bight Interpretive Centre you can find information and entrance to the boardwalk and viewing platform.

This area is of key cultural and environmental significance, and is part of the Great Australian Bight Marine Park. The park protects the endangered whales, Australian sea lions and many other species unique to the Bight.