Fowlers Bay

Fowler’s Bay

Share in the spectacular experience of the Southern Right Whale as they migrate every year.

Once the sight of a whaling station, the waters around Fowlers Bay are now teeming with whales throughout the winter. This peaceful bay is a fantastic fishing spot, with a lovely beach and some amazing sand hills – they’re fantastic for sandboarding or rolling down!

And of course there are the whales. View them from land or take a tour!

There are still remnants of the area’s bloody history – an old whaling station can be found south of the town with old whale bones on display! Operation ceased around 1843.

Things To Do

Explore the sand hills

These epic sand hills are a lot of fun, particularly for kids but also for adults!

Fish fish fish.

You can fish from the jetty, from the boat, the beach or the rocks… basically, you can fish anywhere. Not only Fowlers but the nearby bays of Scott Bay and Mexican Hat are also great for fishing.


Tours & Hires

EP Cruises

Operating from Fowlers Bay during the months of July, August and September, take a cruise to watch these majestic animals frolic in the ocean. There’s more, though – dolphins, sea lions, seals, little penguins and White Bellied Sea Eagles. Bookings are essential, so check out their website!