Port Neill

Port Neill

A perfect (and popular) location for a family getaway – ideal for all those water activities you love!

Port Neill is something of a haven. It’s set in amongst white sands and aquamarine water, and it’s where people come to relax with a book in hand as they enjoy the serenity.

With great fishing, and clear calm waters for boating, sailing, water skiing and skin diving, it’s an idyllic place for the whole family. It also offers one of the cleanest and safest swimming beaches!

The historic ‘Green Shed’ is a popular spot for picnics, BBQs and lazy afternoons, while the boat ramp and breakwater make launching the boat a breeze.

Enjoy the holiday lifestyle – it’s easy to forget about the real world for a while!

Things To Do

Hit the water

The sheltered waters make Port Neill an excellent spot for all sorts of activities – sure you can fish, but you can also practice those water skiing skills, take out a kayak or a stand up paddle board or just float luxuriously in the clear, calm ocean.

Stop by the local hotel

Take in the views of the beach while enjoying delicious local food and some cold beverages – it’s a wonderful social atmosphere!

Picnic, seafood, relax

As we mentioned, the Green Shed is a popular spot but the foreshore lawns and shelters make a great spot too, and you can walk to the town jetty. Don’t forget to check out the anchor of the shipwrecked Lady Kinnard, which wrecked south of Port Neill.

Lipson Cove, which also has room for caravans, is a popular spot for camping, is known for its spectacular views.


Scenic Trails

Port Neill Scenic Drive

Travel south along the coast, taking in the district’s pioneering heritage and stopping off at the historic Carrow Wells and beautiful Cowleys Beach.

Hincks Wilderness Protection Area

Home to endangered and vulnerable flora and fauna, it’s the second-largest conservation park on the Eyre Peninsula, and is paradise for bushwalkers, 4WD and trail bike enthusiasts.