Eastern Eyre

Eastern Eyre

The perfect location for your next holiday, the eastern Eyre Peninsula is home to small coastal communities, scenic farmland and the industrial city of Whyalla.

Swim with cuttlefish, catch massive snapper off the coast of Whyalla, fish in peaceful bays, dive deep in Tumby Bay and discover a fascinating under-water world, and explore the scenic backdrop of the Darke Peak Range, with its sweeping views.

The journey through the eastern Eyre Peninsula is one of contrasts and discovery. Start in Whyalla, the northern gateway of the Seafood Frontier, where an industrial history can’t detract from the natural beauty and unique landscapes surrounding it.

Swim with the luminescent Giant Cuttlefish who spawn every year in Whyalla from May to August, and see the friendly local dolphins that hang around the boat ramp. Get colourful in Tumby Bay with their silo art and arts festival, explore the rugged ranges and small-town lifestyle in Cleve, and enjoy the serenity of the myriad of fishing villages in between.

There’s something for everyone!

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