Calling all unique experience seekers: to the cuttlefish!

Calling all unique experience seekers: to the cuttlefish!

You’ve heard about swimming with sea lions (and dolphins, tuna et cetera) but have you heard about swimming with Giant Cuttlefish?

Well, maybe you have by now.

PureSA’s ‘Swim with the Giant Cuttlefish’ tours have already been featured on Qantas’ Travel Insider and Lonely Planet (who described it as a ‘psychedelic secret’ – rad, man). They’re also a really unique experience, and it’s right in the Eyre Peninsula’s backyard.

Giant Cuttlefish migrate every year from June to August to the waters of the Spencer Gulf Marine Park at Whyalla, the only known place in the world where this occurs. They congregate just a few metres from the shoreline to breed – convenient, yes?

But more convenient is having your very own tour guide. 2019 is PureSA’s third season running Giant Cuttlefish tours, though their marine biologist guide has been snorkelling with them for many years.

Why repeat the experience? Well, PureSA Director Shavojn Read says the experience is one you won’t forget.

“It’s a bit like you have entered another world with alien creatures floating around everywhere,” she explains.

“There are beautiful flashes of blue and purple and the males will often show off by sending black and white zebra patterns down their mantles.”

Maybe ‘psychedelic’ was a good way to describe it! It sounds like magic to me.

It’s also why PureSA is seeing more people taking the tour. Though cuttlefish aren’t the sexiest animal you can swim with in the region, there’s something to be said for doing something few people will ever do. Not only is everything is already organised for you – transfers, accommodation, activities and food – you have someone with you to tell you what’s what.

“The more memorable aspects are that you have passionate guides that provide insights about the wildlife and the surrounds, not to mention our specialist presentations you can’t access anywhere else,” Shavojn says.

“Small groups keep it personalised and you are sure to make a few friends along the way too!”

Cuttlefish aren’t the only thing on the agenda, though.

This year will also see the first of PureSA’s ‘Swim with Safari’ tours, which explores down the coast to experience more of the Eyre Peninsula’s marine wildlife. With all the inclusions of the original cuttlefish tour, the 4-day 3-night excursion will definitely open your eyes to what you can find in the region.

“It is three amazing marine experiences all rolled into one very exciting tour,” Shavojn says.

“On arrival in Whyalla we hire kayaks to head out for a paddle and hopefully see the friendly local dolphins of Whyalla.”

If you didn’t already know, the dolphins in the marina are pretty famous for how inquisitive they are!

“After our Giant Cuttlefish snorkel we spend 2 nights in Port Lincoln where you will be able to tick cage diving with Great White Sharks off your bucket list!

“We also have a shark expert give us a presentation about the biology and behaviour of these magnificent creatures over a delicious dinner,” she adds.

If that sounds like an exceptional 4 days (which it does), this tour might be the one for you. Take note, though – for 2019, they’re only holding one tour so book early! The Eyre Peninsula is a popular place, after all. And with that in mind (because everyone likes to be complimented), I also ask Shavojn what it is she likes about the region. Unsurprisingly, our coastal lifestyle stands out.

“From amazing beaches, succulent seafood to marine wildlife experiences, it really has it all,” she enthuses.

“At PureSA we are all about authentic South Australian experiences, and the Eyre Peninsula really embodies some of the best things that our state has to offer.”

And what activities does Shavojn recommend for those travelling this way? She says Coffin Bay National Park is a must, as are the rock pools at Greenly Beach (you might have seen them on Instagram… a lot…) and a Coffin Bay oyster tour.

But of course there’s one other thing she has to mention: “You would just have to come back outside of winter and swim with the playful sea lions!”

Check out PureSA’s website to find out more information on their tours, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more travel inspiration. No matter the season, the Eyre Peninsula has plenty to do!

Written by Tamsin Scholz.
Cuttlefish images provided by Carl Charter.


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